10 lovely hostels you can find in the Way of St. James

14 May 10 lovely hostels you can find in the Way of St. James

viajes - upitravelThis is one of the most difficult issues when you decide to do a traditional way as they are not as numerous as may travelers would like. The truth is that it will be difficult not to find a room to stay, the difference may be the price as you will find both public and private hostels in the locations of the Way.

Hostels in the Way of St. James to Fisterra

Hostels in Negreira

Firstly we must talk about the Negreira Hostel, the public one, with a price of about 6 euros per night. Our second option could be the Touristic S. José Hostel, with a 12 euros price but where you can also find some additional services like towel or even sheets.

Hostels in Olveiroa

The Santiago de Olveiroa hostel is the same price as the one mentioned before, as you must pay about 6 euros per night. You will share room, as well as showers and the kitchen but you will save some money.
If we talk about the Horreo in Olveiroa, we will talk about a private one. You don’t have to be a pilgrim to stay here and price is more or less about 12 euros for each night.

Hostels in Muxía

If you get to Muxía you will find the [email protected]ía with prices from 6 euros. It is not just a place to have a bath but also an accommodation place. Moreover, you can also choose the Costa Hostel, for about 16 euros, where you can also find double rooms and some of the most stunning views of this location.

Hostels in Fisterra

More than 15 accommodations places are located in this place. The cheapest one is the Pilgrim hostel, with prices from 6 euros. We are talking about a rehabilitated hostel that seems to be the perfect place to rest a night. For more demanding travelers you have to get to Cee, just before Fisterra, where you can also enjoy some many other places to take your breathe.