10 tips for enjoying rural tourism

06 Jun 10 tips for enjoying rural tourism

Turismo Enológico - TravelgenioRural tourism is, without doubt, a really interesting Spanish option because of the multiple towns and villages it has on its territory. It offers visitors a wide range of cultural, leisure and gastronomy options.

Rural turism also includes enoturism and ecoturism and it is a perfect option for relaxing and, at the same time, having fun with really good prices.

Now, we are going to give you some tips just to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. Characteristics for the country house: first of all, this type of houses should be declared as country houses by a competent authority, as they must have visible quality seals.

2. Where to get informed of this type of accomodation and its activities: you can get some information by some specialised magazines, but also you may consult your travel agency.

3. How to avoid problems of the illegal offers: there are many companies that offer accomodation without any permission. Be careful with these.

4. How to contract a rural accomodation: there are some options, but the most recommended way is through a travel agency. They can guide you in the searching.

5. If services are lower than the contracted: first of all is to ask for the complaint form, but you must take into account that you should keep all the advertising sheets and brochures. If some of them don’t are like reality, you are in your right to complain.

6. Rights and obligations as a customer: you should leave the accomodation as you found it, in its best conditions. If there is some damage, the owner could ask you for an extra payment.

7. Outdoor activities: they are mainly sports like hiking, cycling, horse riding, canoeing, rafting, climbing and others like archery, paragliding or hang gliding. You will always be accompanied by specialised monitors.

8. Activities contracted through the travel agency: it will offer you security and professionality.

9. Protection against risky activities: you will need a good risk insurance cover from the start to the completion of the activity.

10. Many other activities: it depends on the region you choose, but you can also get involved in activities such as ecotourism (plant a vegetable garden, watching bird and wildlife) or enotourism (visit vineyards and wineries, wine tasting, wine therapy circuits).