3 hotels in Madrid for serial lovers

12 Nov 3 hotels in Madrid for serial lovers

Flights to Madrid - TravelgenioIf you want to find the best services and some special hotels, Madrid is one of the best destinations you can choose as you can find many options. If you love cinema or serials, you cannot miss this hotels in the Spanish capital as you can find some of the best scenaries where they were recorded.

1. Hostal Vuelta (Cuéntame): the Spanish famous Cuéntame is still one of the most famous serials in the tv. That’s why many travelers decided to stay in the hotel where part of this soup opera was recorded. Once you get to the Vuelta Hostel you can find many of the famous views behind the scenes. This two stars hostal has a very serious decoration but it has also the past charm.

2. Ritz Hotel (Velvet): this hotel is one of Madrid symbols and it owns a five stars category. It is part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and it is located near two of the most importants museums in the city: Thyssen and Prado. One of the suceesful serials in Spain, Velvet, used some of its saloons to shoot the serial. Although it is not a cheap hotel, it is an opportunity not just to spend some days in Madrid but also in one of the best hotels and accommodations.

3. Vincci Hotels (Sin identidad): Vincci Hotels will offer you many of the best services in this type of accommodation. One of the last Spanish tv movies was shooted here, where decoration is still there to identify some of the images and scenes.

Maybe the international travelers don’t know this serials, but no worries, there are many options for you to find some images on the internet to check the real scenaries of this spanish productions.