4 beautiful villages in the French Gascoigne

01 Nov 4 beautiful villages in the French Gascoigne

brujula-travelgenioTheir history is really near and related to the Basque history as they are really near Euskadi, the Spanish northern area. There are many attractions that you should have into account when planning this getaway.

Although we are talking about villages, the truth is that some of them are perfect cities you will get in love with.

4 places you should discover in the Gascoigne

1. Bayonne: it is one of the nearest cities with Euskadi. There are as many attractions as it is almost impossible to remember all of them. If you arrive to this place, you will get in love with the Petite Bayonne, the historical city centre that own fairy tale houses in the river shore. It is part of the Way of St. Jacques. You cannot miss the opportunity of visiting the Basque Museum, the Vauban Citadel or the New and Old Castles. You will also get impressed by the Bonnat Museum, where you will be able to see some Rembrand works.

2. Biarritz: this commune and city is one of those fascinating places you will never forget. It is located a few kilometres far from Euskadi and there are many tourists from here that arrive to enjoy the beauty of Biarritz. The Asiatic Museum, the Sea Museum, the Orthodox Church and the St. Marin one worth a visit. Also, don’t forget to take your time to visit the Chocolate Museum.

3. Mont-de-Marsan: it is the capital of the Landas Department and it is located in the heart of the Gascogne. With 30.000 inhabitants it is a must if you plan a trip to this French area. The Mont de Marsan Theatre and the Madelaine Church are some of the main landmarks. Also, enjoy a walk through the narrow streets of this precious place.

4. Gers: although maybe it is not well known, Gascoigne was the place where D’Artagnan grew up and where the Dumas history started. In theory, Gers was his home. Located really near the Midi-Pyrenees, it is one of the most beautiful places in France.

The Gascoigne region is a historical place in France that, each year, welcomes more travellers. You can also get in love with the landscapes you will be able to enjoy between village and village. Architecture is also one of the main attractions here and that is why you are wasting your time if you are not planning your autumn getaway to these destinations.