4 destinations in Spain for all type of budgets

06 Oct 4 destinations in Spain for all type of budgets

Turismo Enológico - TravelgenioOnce summer has finished, it is time to start thinking about some autumn getaway, but not a very expensive one. Today, we want to recommend you some unique Spanish destinations you should take into account and that won’t damage your budget.

1. Logroño: wines and tapas. If there is something that defines Rioja, they are the wineries. But you don’t have to go much further from Logroño, where the Laurel Street, a perfect path called the Elephant route (we bet you to discover why), will show you the best gastronomically offer with the wine as a partner of the typical and Spanish tapa.

2. Discovering Cartagena: this ancient city was founded in the 3rd century B.C. Nowadays it is a tourist city real near Murcia, one of the coastal most popular cities in Spain. Some of the interesting places you should visit here is the Byzantine Wall, the Roman Theatre or the Roman Forum. All these places are a unique discovery.

3. Cala D’Hort Natural Reserve: maybe not as popular as the rest of the destinations, this place is located in the Balearic Islands. The truth is that if you rent a car and find a cheap flight, you will be able to enjoy some popular and unforgettable spots like the Es Vedrá Beach. The natural pools of Atlantis are also unique. Maybe you will discover some of the most magical places in Ibiza.

4. Combarro, the Galicia beauty: located 6 kilometres far from Pontevedra, it is one of the most beautiful places in this Spanish Northwest area. Although the heritage it owns, it is not an expensive place in the Rias Baixas and travellers can enjoy the best of the leisure offers here. The Tambo and Poio islands are some of the main attractions, but you cannot forget to visit and understand the traditional horreo.