4 National Parks in Central America for explorers

07 Sep 4 National Parks in Central America for explorers

costa-rica-travelgenioThe sacred land is located in Central America. Its beauty from Panama to Guatemala is unique and you can imagine yourself inside some of their National Parks. Although in the past just a few explorers dared with this subcontinent, nowadays is really easy to arrive here and, moreover, some paradises like Costa Rica are really valued. Would you like to enjoy more here?

Explore Central America with this 4 National Parks

1. National Park Arenal Volcano: located in the Costa Rica lands, the charm here is unique for all senses. From the waterfalls to the fauna and the thermal waters, there are many reasons to decide to plan a trip here. The forests are unforgettable and all the natural spots talk about a forgotten land beauty.

2. National Park Isla Bastimentos: if we talk about a paradise landscape, we talk about this National Park. The beauty is not only about the deserted islands, reefs and other landscapes but also about many other magical places. The mangrove swamp and the sandy islands are just a little part of the charm of this Park that counts with more than 10.000 animals and flower types.

3. National Park of Tikal: it is said that in this archaeological deposit is one of the most beautiful ones in the world. It is one of the main Guatemala attractions and we cannot forget a visit to some of the 1600 hectares once we arrive to this destination. The National Park is considered World Heritage.

4. International Park La Amistad: this park is transboundary and it is also considered World Heritage since 1983 because of the many mammals and birds you can find in the area.

What about enjoying all these places? They are some of the most beautiful natural spots in the world.