5 cheap cities to make long travels in Spain

15 May 5 cheap cities to make long travels in Spain

Cathedral of Salamanca, Castilla y Leon, SpainThere are many guides about traveling in Spain. But things change during the high season. Rates rise up and it is difficult to have a double room.

Our objective is to spend the least without going to low cost. So we will look for the five cheapest cities to make long travels in Spain.

1. Salamanca: This city offers double rooms at good rates. The daily budget to stay, have a good meal or tapas and have a coffee in Salamanca is around 40 euros each person. The cost for a couple would be 300 or 350 euros for a week with the accommodation and meals. It is a good choice, in special for young people, because Salamanca offers culture and a fantastic university atmosphere.

2. Oviedo: It is one of the main cities in Asturias with an extraordinary cultural atmosphere and feast almost every weekend. We may find accommodation and good menus for 60 euros, and also enjoy sidra in this city.  The Room Hotel Marcos offers rates from 30 euros for two people with an individual room and shared bathroom, and it is not far from the city center.

3. Vigo: This city is an interesting start point for a travel. Vigo is cheaper than other cities around like Pontevedra and some towns in the Rías Baixas. It has a special charm in the night life. It is possible to rent a car from 10 euros a day. And there is economical accommodation, with rates from 35 euros for two people each night.

4. Murcia: The hotel Universal Pacoche is a good example of good accommodation of high level at economical rates. Murcia is one of these capitals not contemplated when making long travels in Spain. And it is a province with great possibilities, near the Manga del Mar Menor. You can find accommodation from 15 euros each person and night.

5. Santiago de Compostela: This city combines the economical rates with the vast cultural tradition and the best gastronomy in Galicia. You may enjoy this city from 60 euros per person and night. And it is possible to find double rooms in the Rua do Franco from 70 euros for two people. The mariscada and the rice with lobster are really good, as well as tapas.