5 less popular attractions in Los Angeles that worth a visit

06 Nov 5 less popular attractions in Los Angeles that worth a visit

It is difficult to think about Los Angeles as a place to discover some many unknown places to visit. But of course, there are some to enjoy. Apart from the Hollywood Boulevard, there are also some other attractions less known. Let’s take a look

LA for demanding travellers

1, Watts Towers: if you have planned to go more than just the city centre of LA, this is one of the secrets you will enjoy most. Located 20 km far from the city centre, you will find 17 towers of more than 30 metres high and that are built just with steel and recycled objects. It was a Simon Rodia project, an Italian immigrant that designed them. Nowadays they are considered National Historical Site.

2. Griffith Observatory: those who run away from the massive tourism will know and enjoy this observatory located in the southern part of the Hollywood mountain. It is one of the most famous ones in the world if you want to enjoy the stars views. You can enjoy it from 9.45 to the noon.

3. Temascal Canyon: it is one of those unique places in the world and you just have to walk about 6.5 kilometres to enjoy it. It is the perfect alternative for a hiking route and you will be able to discover one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of this area.

4. Westwood: this cemetery owns some of the most popular tombs in the city. Names like Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, Roy Orbison or Truman Capote, among others, rest in peace in this sacred land. The truth is that is not a really common destination for travellers if we take into account other tomb tours all over the world.

5. San Marino: among the less visited ones, this is the most popular one. Attractions like the Huntington Botanical Garden or the Amorphophallum Titanum – the biggest flower of the world – are visited although it is not a very popular area of the city.