5 natural marvels in Central Europe

02 Feb 5 natural marvels in Central Europe

Europe is well known because of its historical cities and the huge heritage in urban terms but, what about the natural marvels? There are many places you will love to discover that have to do with nature and that are also considered one of the most stunning environmental spaces of the world. We recommend you to take a look to these interesting places and National Parks.

1. Teide: It is one of the volcanoes most visited in Europe. Its particularities make this destination a magical one. One of its curiosities is that its shadow is one of the biggest one in the world once it reflexes in the sea. You can also climb its 381 meters.

2. Meteora: if there is a place you should visit in Greece is the Meteora Island. There you will find many interesting spots you can get lost in order to enjoy the best parts of it. The monasteries near the summits are one of the most popular visits. But take also into account that some of them are impossible to reach.

3. Plitvice Lakes: the National Plitvice Park, located in Croatia will leave you speechless because of its lakes and waterfalls that are combined with the beauty of the cliffs of the area. If you want to enjoy, you can also take a look the the natural pools and caves that are part of the National Park. You will have to pay around 20 euros.

4. Dolomites: the Dolomites are specially in Italy and are really interesting for travellers looking for adventure and nature. Travelling to the vineyards of Cembra or discovering the valleys is just the beginning for a perfect car route.

5. Norwegian Fjords: moreover than the Oslofjorden, Norway has many other fjords that are interesting. If you want to arrive there you will need to take, in some cases, boats or ferry. We recommend you to visit the Sognefjord, about 75 kilometres far from Bergen, Naeroyfjord, about 15 kilometres far from Geiranger and also Oldforjd, where the beautiful Mageroya Island is located in the Northern part of Norway.