5 natural spaces in South America that are unique

03 Jan 5 natural spaces in South America that are unique

South America is a rich subcontinent in terms of contrasts, natural environments and marvels. We know that just mentioning 5 places to visit is a really poor list, but it is a start. Would you like to know them? Let’s begin our tour.

South America in five natural paradises

Titicaca Lake: this beautiful lake can be visited from Puno, a little village that will leave travellers speechless. The Uros islands are something that worth the visit, but also one of the most incredible places in the world. They are the main attraction here and you will fall in love with them.

Amazon National Park: well, the Amazon owns many national Parks, although the most known one is the Amacayacu one. You will find here a sample of the Amazon Trapeze: nature, tribes and many animals and flora of this area of the world.

The Angel’s Jump: if you want to know many more things about this possibility, take a look to the many data you will find. Starting from the marvellous 1000 meters waterfall and followed by the many leisure offers in the area, this is a unique plan you cannot miss if you travel to this subcontinent.

Iguazu Waterfalls: there are not many unique places like the National Iguazu Park in the world. It covers two countries: Brazil and Argentina. And it also will show you something unique and magical that is not easy to see. If you want to discover all the possibilities in this park, take a look to the plans and really make your own trip as it is really huge and you should decide what to see.

Galapagos Islands: finally we cannot forget this archipelago although it is a National Park by itself. The Galapagos Islands are a marvel that own islands as attractive as the Floreana one, St. Bartholomew or even Baltra. You can also experience volunteer work in this Natural Park, something that will make your trip even more special.