5 reasons to plan a trip to Finland this summer

10 Aug 5 reasons to plan a trip to Finland this summer

Finlandia - Aurora BorealAs always, there are many reasons to travel to any place in the world but, today, we are going to show you why you should take into account Finland as your summer destination.

Our reasons to plan a trip to Finland

1. Midnight sun: yes, you are still on time to see the Midnight sun in Finland. Between June and the first half of August you could enjoy this nature spectacle, a phenomenon just available in the neighbour countries and the Polar Circle.

2. Savolinna and the option to sleep in a wooden house in a lake: this romantic image is perfect, isn’t it? Well you will be able to enjoy it in this Lapland area. You can also bring with you the rod in case you can try also the fishing option. And now, time to give you a surprise. It is easy that these houses own their sauna, a typical relaxing plan in this country.

3. Santa’s city: although summer maybe is not the best season to arrive to Rovaniemmi, you will be able to experiment a Christmas time in this city. Let’s remember the kid we all have inside.

4. 3 Cosmo cities: Helsinki, Turku and Tempere are the main entrance cities to Finland. Mainly all the inhabitants in Finland live here and, while Helsinki is the historical capital, Turku and Tempere are the students area and you will find many life in both also during summer.

5. A day night: what about, related to the Midnight sun, living a night with the darkness typical of a twilight? This is what summer is like in Finland, specially if you decide to arrive to the northern areas of the country during June and July.

Here we give you just some reasons, but there are many more: gastronomy, the people, the landscapes, the fauna, their tradition… Find yours and plan your trip