5 villages to visit while you stay in Rome

12 Feb 5 villages to visit while you stay in Rome

Would you like to travel to the Italian Capital and discover all its secrets? If you have dreamt about it and about visiting the Coliseum or the many different monuments in the city, you should plan the perfect trip including some of the surrounding villages that you can also visit while you stay in Rome.

Rome in 5 nearby villages

1. Tivoli: With more than 50.000 inhabitants this ville is one of the most stunning ones near Rome. Canopo is, without any doubt, the jewel here. We are talking about a typical Adriano Ville that counts with a pond, park, monument, temple and also its own duomo. Here you will find also the Neptune fountain. It is considered World Heritage.

2. Calcata: if there is a magical city, this is Lazio, with almost 900 inhabitants and located over the Treja Valley Cliffs.

3. Alatri: inhabited by 29.000 neighbours, you will find here one of the most incredible places near Rome to complete this trip. You should discover the Certosa di TRisulti Abbey and Monastery by driving to its spaces or practising some of the hiking routes near. You will love also a visit to its Acropolis and to the Pozzo D’Antullo, a place where the crystalline waters and caves are unique. The Civico Museum or the Castello di Fumone are just some more added attractions.

4. Orvieto: How many times have you imagine many villages in Italy? This place is what you can expect in this country. The Orvieto Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Water Well or the typical houses are just some of the main attractions in the village. You can discover the Cave-Museum.

5. Cassino: it is one of the most unknown villages near the Italian Capital but it will help you discovering the Haway Pak Cassino, the Montecasino Abbey or many other spots in the Latin Valley.