7 reasons to plan a train trip during this season

04 Dec 7 reasons to plan a train trip during this season

Viajar en Tren - TravelgenioIt is a romantic transportation and almost all travellers will be able to enjoy the journey. Why is this cool? There are many reasons that could answer that question but, at least, we are going to give you 10 of them.

Tell us if you agree or not with us and our main reasons to love this alternative option.

1.    Space, space and space: if there is something that everyone loves in a wagon is the space you will be able to enjoy between seats. This option is more comfortable as the bus or even some airlines.

2.    Restaurant Wagon: The possibility to be able to stretch the legs or taking a break with a coffee during the journey is a luxury possible inside a train. Of course you can also walk through the wagons.

3.    Just 15 minutes before: according to the circulation rules for the long haul trains, it is recommended to arrive to the station a few minutes before the departure of the train.

4.    You carry your luggage all the time: we are not distrustful but it is one more advantage of this type of transport. You can carry with yourself your luggage instead of checking it so you won’t have to wait once you arrive to your destination.

5.    Spectacular landscapes: without roads or clouds, train will show you the best landscapes of the places you pass trough during its route. Would you like to travel without stressing yourself? Just enjoy the sounds and sights.

6.    Railway stations are almost always in the city center: well, it is not always like this but, almost always, your train will arrive in a central station that connects with the rest of the city. Take into account that they were the first buildings, in terms of transports, thought to connect cities.

7.    A cheap business area: although in the past it was really hard to travel in business with its prices, nowadays there are many offers you can find to enjoy this experience on board of a luxury wagon.