7 songs you should record for your Road Trip

20 Oct 7 songs you should record for your Road Trip

viajes - upitravelIf you are planning a Road trip, you are surely taking care of the music selection. We are going to recommend you 7 songs that suit like a glove with any type of car trip. We are talking about songs that will make you think about cinema, books or even a life experience.

7 songs you must include

1. Vagabond, Wolfmother: this 2000 band enjoyed popularity because of being part of the 500 Days of Summer film soundtrack. If you want a positive feeling, include this song. As soon as you hear the first notes, you will start moving.

2. Agains the wind, Bob Seger: maybe with the cinema as leitmotiv, we recommend this rock&blues theme. Once you include this song in your playlist, you just have to find the road to enjoy the music.

3. San Francisco, Scott McKenzie: this hippy singer is one of the most famous artist from the 60-70’s. It is perfect for the afternoon trips and also the summer ones.

4. Sunny Afternoon, The Kinks: how can we forget this song when we think about sun and beach. If you are going to travel in a coastal route, this song is perfect. It is a very optimistic hymn.

5. Born to be wild, Stepphewolf: we do know it is a classic but we cannot miss the opportunity to listen to it once more during a road trip. If you even travel by van, it is your song.

6. Walking on the sunshine, Katrina and the Waves: also a classical but admit it, it makes you dance. It is perfect if you are a little tired of the steering wheel.

7. Bohemian Rapsody, Queen: Ok, if you tell us you don’t try to make all the different voices in this song, we won’t believe you. It is one of the main historical songs for any type of car trip.

More than just choosing song by song, we recommend you to find the best podcast and download it. There are many free lists in the main music apps and you can enjoy the different type of selections depending on your own decision.