8 film plans you can do in New York

18 Sep 8 film plans you can do in New York

Nueva York - Trucos y Consejos - TravelgenioNew York is one of those cities where streets have many cinematographic corners all over the city. All Europeans have been introduced with the city of New York just by watching tv shows or films.

Film plans in New York

1. Have a walk all over the 5th Avenue with Audrey Hepburn: if this marvellous and beautiful actress walked down the street in the film Holly Golithly at 6 in the morning, you will be able to do it right now. Not only that, here have been recorded many other films, so keep your eyes open and you will find many other “known” places.

2. Ride a car like Taxi Driver: Robert de Niro was pushed to the fame because of the wonderful role he played in this Scorcesse’s film. Although it is not a cheap plan, you must try it.

3. Empire State and King Kong: what can we say about the Empire State? You may have to pay about 30 USD, but if you want to feel like this primate, just pay them and get to the top of the building.

4. Sit down near the Brooklin Brigde like in a Woody Allen film: the Manhattan film passed both because it is considered his opera prima. You may want to spend a few minutes just sitting on a bench.

5. A visit to Queens to see the Zamunda Prince: the Queens’ streets were one of the options related with many ideas associated with this film.

6. New York Library and the Ghostbusters: although this library is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, you can also make a revival of one of the scenes of the movie.

7. ¡Friends Building! Located between Bedford Street and Grove Street: if you have seen the tv during the 90’s, Friends is one of the shows you have seen.

8. Buy something in FAO Schwarz: You don’t know what is this? Well, imagine Tom Hanks dancing over a giant piano and you will find the answer…