8 mobile app for travelers

03 Jul 8 mobile app for travelers

travelTourism and technology is a winning combination for both the tourists and companies.  Regular travelers often make their reservations from their smartphone or tablet. Mobile applications are also a way to get information without entering in the http pages.  If we add the versatility of the new apps, there is a change in the concept of tourism. We present you 8 mobile applications for travelers.

Apps for lovers of travels

Tourist Eye: It is a “travel planner”. It is easy to organize visits to places of interest and restaurants with it. It’s one of those apps that include “all in one”.  Although the flights and accommodation are already booked, it is important to consider all what is related to different leisure options for the holiday.

Cam Translator: This app is interesting when traveling to countries where the language is unknown.  When we make a photograph to a poster advertising or similar with the cam translator, we will get the translation of the text written on it.

Ametro: This mobile application is ideal for those people who want to be informed about the bus lines or subway in the city.
XE Currency:  It is an easy and efficient application. It is the ideal tool to make online currency changes.

Weather Pro: This application provides information about the weather.  It is ideal for all travelers who want to enjoy their travel, because they can plan their holiday activities depending on the weather.

Tripit: This app is a revolution in the tourism applications market.  It is an interesting full planner in English, to plan even the smallest detail.

Stray Boots: This is another innovation in the market related entertainment apps.  It offers the possibility of making a cultural gymkana to users.  This is to know the city thank to the searching of places to visit, restaurants, etc. It is only available in the EEUU at the moment.

Touristic apps trends: interact with the mobile device

We get into the new universe with Stray Boots.  Travelers can interact with the mobile device and get information about the weather, new places to visit.  This is a new way of traveling. These new mobile applications are designed to let us learn of our travels.