A low budget trip to Miami

06 Mar A low budget trip to Miami

This popular American destination is also the preferred one for thousand of travellers that arrive to the Florida’s coastal sites to enjoy their vocational sun and beach stay. Although all visitors don’t want to stay more than a few days with this type of plan, there are plenty of options once here.

Tips for a low budget trip to Miami

Let’s talk about the way to save some money once you decide to travel to Miami.

The best season: ok, let’s start with the worst one, the winter. December is always more expensive as it is when there you can enjoy the best temperatures. Between May and August there are many options to find a cheaper flight.

Gastronomy for all type of travellers: as it happens in mainly all the European countries, you can have your meal from 7-8 euros, or even cheaper. The fast food has many to say in these terms.

Flying to Miami: if you want to fly to Miami you can find many offers from the main European capitals. You can find a round trip for about 500 euros.

Car rental: it is a must. Apart from cities like NY or Chicago, the public transport in USA is a chaos because almost all citizens use their own cars.

Accommodation: a cheap hotel will cost around 40€ per person and night. If you try to book a hostel, you can decrease the amount and pay around 20€.

Enjoy the culture and beach: the perfect way to save some money is going to the beach and practising some outdoor sports. There are also some interesting places you must visit if you love culture. It is, for example, the case of the Bass Museum or Art, the Zoo and other natural attractions.

If you want to discover Disneyworld, start saving from now: the visit is expensive. You must take into account that this magical place is also a business and you will spend almost 100€ for person and day and you will need, at least, a weekend to enjoy all the attractions or the main ones.

How much money will we spend daily?

It depends on your own budget. If you want to travel here low cost, think about 100 euros per day if we take into account the meals and the accommodation. Among these, you can spend as much as you have or want because there are many things to do in this part of America.