A trip to Edinburgh: not without an umbrella

03 Jan A trip to Edinburgh: not without an umbrella

Edimburgo - TravelgenioYes, we are going to talk about the most visited city in Scotland. Its beauty does not need even beaches or sun. This rainy city is a real pleasure for all type of travellers. You can enjoy visiting the main monuments and museums and discover why it is considered World Heritage by the Unesco. You can also try to speak the Scottish jargon…

Edinburgh tourism: three areas to discover

Leith: the Edinburgh Port is located in all this area. Leith is not really antique. It was built during 1920’s and, although it is not the most popular suburb in the city, it is the main place for the cruises activities.

Old Town: considered World Heritage by the Unesco, this marvel owns some of the most stunning places you can imagine. The rests of the volcano plug are part of the city history. Together with these, you must visit the St. Gilles Cathedral, the Edinburgh University or the Real Scottish Museum. The Victoria or Princess Streets are some of the best known ones in the capital.

New Town: it is the place to find the National Gallery and the narrow historical streets.

But, if there is a place you should visit if you travel to Edinburgh is the Castle. Located over the famous Castle Rock, this rock has volcanic origins. Inside there are usually many exhibitions and it is a perfect place to understand a bit more all about this country.

Edinburgh in the cinema

This city has been scenery for many films but there are two we cannot forget to mention: Da Vinci Code, based on the Dan Brown’s best seller and Trainspotting, based also in a book by Irving Welsh.