A trip to Marrakech

16 Jan A trip to Marrakech

Marrakech - Turismo y destinos en TravelgenioAlmost all destinations in Morocco have something in common: if you visit them during the summer you will suffer the high temperatures. This is the main reason why travellers decide this season to plan their trips to this country. Marrakech is one of those cities that improve the experiences you can enjoy here during these months: it keeps warm temperatures and during the night the Yamaa el Fna is crowded. Those are just some of the main clues to enjoy the best version of the city.

6 Places you should visit in Marrakech

Travelling to Morocco is always a good choice, specially during these winter months and if you choose not a coastal destination.

After spending a few days in a Riad (one of the most affordable options) you will find many interesting places near them. Starting from the Yamaa el Fna Square, a day transit part of the city where the juices are one of the local offers.

But, once the night arrives, the crowd arrives here becoming one of the most interesting places with people sending their products, tourists and neighbours walking through the souk. It is a magical experience.

You will need to discover some places as a must: the El Badí Palace, the Majorelle Garden, Menara Gardens or the Agdal ones, the Wall Doors or the Oasiria Aquatic park. These are just some of the main places to enjoy, but not the only ones.

El Bab er Robb is a jewel you need to contemplate, especially during the “calling” time. It is a really unique experience you need to life if you want to fall in love with this place.

Where to stay in Marrakech

These months are maybe the best season to book logdings in Morocco. Specially if you choose a Riad. Mostly all of them have unique terraces where you can have your breakfast. You will love all the places you will be able to discover and enjoy here as an unforgettable experience.