A trip to Morocco: when should you visit Casablanca?

21 Feb A trip to Morocco: when should you visit Casablanca?

If you want to travel to Morocco we recommend you to discover some of the main cities in the north African country. We are going to talk here about the best season to visit Casablanca and some main tips you should take into account when arriving to the city. As the finantial capital you will have many options to enjoy some of the most visited spaces.

Tips to travel to Casablanca

1. Better in autumn: during summer Morocco is really hard for tourism because of the high temperatures, that is why we recommend you to enjoy this country and its cities during spring or, even better, during autumn.

2. A Mosque Visit: it is the only Mosque in the country you will be welcomed and this is just one of the main reasons to plan this tour inside its walls. You should also be informed about the clothes and rules to get inside in order not to have any problem and also in order to respect the traditions.

3. Leave tips: yes, in Morocco you should leave tips, although we recommend you to give them directly to the waiter.

4. Wrap in Morocco? Well if you travel to Casablanca during spring or summer you will feel the heat, but, the truth is that it is not a really cold city during the rest of the year.

5. A visit to the Rick’s restaurant: we recommend you to include this scenery in your tour through the city. The homonymous film was recorded here and you can imagine the elegance of an ancient era where both, men and women, were extremely polite.

6. Moroccan gastronomy: of course if you visit the country and Casablanca you must leave your mouth the possibility to taste their flavours.

7. The door to the Imperial Capitals: one of the main reasons to fly to Casablanca has to do with the connections with Rabat or Marrakech. Train or bus you will be able to plan a getaway to some of the rest of interesting cities in the country.