A weekend in Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice

14 Sep A weekend in Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice

brujula-travelgenioAveiro is just stunning. Considered the Portuguese Venice because of its channels and the mouliceros (very similar to the typical gondolas) but we can also discover some other marvels that seem to be magical. This 70.000 inhabitant’s city is a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

The Beira Mar suburb, the historical city center

With a speechless attractive, Beira Mar will make you fall in love with this locality. Through the many channels you will discover some unique streets. Discover the Praça do Peixe and, if you have rent an apartment, buy some fresh fish.

All this place gastronomy is unique. We recommend you also to ride a mouliceiro and have a nice boatrip through the channels. It is one of the main tourist attractions and the price is totally different from Venice. You can enjoy this plan for 8 euros person.

Aveiro beaches

There are two main beaches: the Costa Nova one and the Barra Beach. In both cases we are going to find recreational places in the Atlantic coast and many dunes. After visiting the beaches we recommend you to discover the surroundings as there are many places to discover near here. Moreover Porto, there are some excursions you can enjoy.

Near Aveiro there are some of the best northern beaches in the region. We are talking about the one in the Sao Jacinto Peninsula, the Barra beach, Torreira in Murtosa, the Vagueira Beach of Vagos and the Costa Nova in Ilhavo. These are just some of the best places to enjoy your trip.

Gastronomy in Aveiro

There are multiple reasons to fall in love with the Portuguese gastronomy. If you are in Aveiro you should also take a look to Adega Evaristo, where you can taste goatling and also Alheira, without forgetting the dessert.

Don’t doubt that you can also discover the best dishes like the green broth, the Feijoada and the Tramontana. If you like desserts, this is your place.