Advises for your trip to Paris

23 Jan Advises for your trip to Paris

Paris - TravelgenioParis is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world at any time of the year.

It is a wonderful option for travelling in the winter because the charm of Paris is really alive in the cold weather, and good offers can be found for a holiday with your family or friends. Paris is spectacular in Christmas, with lights and brilliant monuments at night. Enjoy a winter travel to Paris.

Advises for a winter holiday in Paris

Every season of the year has an incentive to travel to any of the European capitals. Paris is beautiful and resplendent in winter and ideal offers can be found to live its autochthonous charm. We give you some advices to enjoy the cold weather in Paris.

Be sure to wear wool clothes, a good coat, gloves and a hat. Good shoes are really important. Avoid travelling by car if it is snowing. And be informed of flights timetables because they might be cancelled if there is bad weather.

Paris is a lively capital during the daylight and also at night. Touristic activities are extraordinary beautiful at night with the emblematic buildings lighting. Paris is full of lights in Christmas time, the Eiffel Tower, the Christmas tree at Notre Dame Square, Lafayette shopping center, the Opera and the fantastic Elyse Champs.

A good option to enjoy this winter environment is the comfortable coffee shops, where you can get into the social life of Paris. Every touristic place in Paris maximize its charm at this season, so it is one of the best option for travelling with your family, friends, your couple or alone, because you can get to know young people in the city hostels, attracted by the magnificent atmosphere and beauty of Paris.