Airlines and offers to fly to Uruguay

02 Oct Airlines and offers to fly to Uruguay

air-france-travelgenioUruguay is nowadays a wonderful destination to discover, with a marvellous city, its capital Montevideo, that apart from offering a huge cultural and historical heritage plans of the colonial times, also has very good conections by bus with cities like Buenos Aires or many Brazilian cities.

In addition, the good prices and the important accomodation offer of Montevideo, make Uruguay a country with the best touristic infrastructures.

Airlines that travel to Uruguay and airports in the country

The main companies that have routes to this country are the traditional Air France, KLM, TAM, LAN, American Airlines and Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Apart from the International Carrasco Airport in Montevideo to arrive to its capital, there is another one, the Laguna del Sauce or Punta del Este Airport, also known as Capitán Corbeta.

Fly to Punta del Este is the best option for those who want to travel to Montevideo and many near cities of Argentina and Brazil.

Undoubtedly these are the best options to travel to a country that offers spectacular corners of nature and urban living with unparalleled cultural offerings in South America.

Traveling to the capital Montevideo, with the best tourism infrastructure of the country and from where travelers can have other means of transport, including the cruise, visiting neighboring Brazil and Argentina or the bus to get to cities such as Buenos Aires in a matter of hours is a good choice.