Airlines with more complaints

13 Mar Airlines with more complaints

aerolineas-vueling-travelgenioThe has given the first results on what Airlines receive more claims with surprising results.  Vueling Airlines has received more claims during last year 2013, but all Airlines – both low cost and traditional – have received complaints.

Top complaints: the list on which no Airlines want to appear

1. Vueling Airlines: With the 19,8% of claims. This Airlines Company, that provides services mainly from Barcelona, is the first in this ranking as one of the Airlines that receive more claims from travelers.

2. Ryanair: The second in this ranking is Ryanair. Changes made last December will vary the tendency of this Airlines Company that obtained the 16,7%   of claims on the year 2013.

3. Iberia: This Airlines Company has received the 15,9% of claims last year 2013, despite being a traditional Airlines Company with  optimal customer attention.

4. Air Europa: The 15,8% for this other traditional Airlines Company. Only 1% is the difference to Ryanair.

Avianca is the Airlines Company that receives less claims, only the 1,7%.

Why do travelers complain?

Delays: Delays are the main reason. In fact, if the delay is less than three hours or if adverse circumstances occur, such as difficult weather conditions, the situation is not the same. So travelers should be well informed of all circumstances for claims.

Cancellations: Canceled flights are usually replaced by a later one. And a compensation for collateral damage is applied – hotel, other flights, etc.-.

Overbooking: This condition implies that travelers are in the situation that the flight is full, and there are passengers that cannot fly, although they have bought the ticket. Airlines companies apply the following intervention: if there are free seats in upper class, passengers are repositioned. If the flight is full, passengers are offered a later one, usually in upper class, or the ticket refund plus compensation for the inconvenience caused.

We reiterate that this happens with all Airlines. There is a clause, unknown to many travelers and that implies advantages for them: There is a compensation of up 600 euros for delays of more than three hours.

Moreover, the highest concentration of complaints is between September and December. And September is the month when summer complaints focus, so it is a bureaucratic factor.