Amusement Parks in Asia

09 Apr Amusement Parks in Asia

Germany is ktravelnown worldwide for its amusement park culture. We find some interesting parks and leisure attractions in the USA as well. But what about the Asian region? In the last few years, more and more amusement parks have been opened that are definitely worth a visit when you’re travelling to Japan, China or South Korea. We would like to present you the best Asian parks and their main attractions so you have an overview before your next travel to Asia.

Beijin Shijingsan Amusement Park: The park is separated into 5 big themed areas, namely Adventureland, Fantasyland, Eastern Area, Western Area and the Dream World. The two biggest areas are Adventureland and Fantasyland with more than 750.000 sq ft. One of the main attractions beside all the rides and rollercoasters is the 37.000 sq ft Amphitheatre. The admission is pretty cheap, but you have to pay for each ride separately. The park isn’t Disneyland, but you can have lots of fun with your family here.

Hong Kong Disneyland: The fifth and until today last installment of the Disney empire is located in Hong Kong. The rides and attractions are, just like the other Disney parks, coined by Disney stories. The park has two own hotels, a conference area, shops and restaurants. There are tickets for a single day or two days, admission for adults is about 55 EUR, kids have to pay 25 EUR and seniors aged 65+ pay 11 EUR.

Ocean Park Hong Kong: The park is located on Hong Kong Island and is the seventh-biggest amusement park in Asia with 5.1 million yearly visitors. The park was opened back in 1977 and is separated into Lowland and Highland, both connected through a gondola lift. There are two big rollercoasters and an area with animals. The construction of a new themed area is almost finished and will offer two new rollercoasters and other rides. Admission for adults is 35 EUR, kids can get into the park for about 20 EUR.

Sanrio Puroland: Sanrio Puroland is an amusement park in the Japanese city of Tama, prefecture Tokyo. The park was opened December 7th, 1990 and has over 1.5 million yearly visitors. The theme spotlight here is on Sanrio figurines such as Hello Kitty. You can stay at the 485.000 sq ft park and visit restaurants, musicals and different areas of the park. Adult Hello Kitties pay 25 EUR admission, the little ones 15 EUR.

Fuji-Q Highland: The Fuji-Q Highland is located in Fujiyoshida, prefecture of Yamanashi, in Japan. The name originates from the nearby river Fuji. The park has 4 main rollercoasters and over 30 other rides and attractions. Admission varies between 20 and 40 EUR, depending on your choice to book all rides in advance or not. There is a 2-day ticket was well which comes a bit cheaper.