Antarctica cruise: a different trip

07 Nov Antarctica cruise: a different trip

Cruceros - TravelgenioFor those who prefer a different and original trip in a special place and that also want to travel in other season that is not summer, one of the best choices they can make is to get on board of an Antarctica cruise.

The norweian Hurtigruten Cruises prepare during the autumm time a marvellous trip by the seas of Antarctica which also includes several activities and excursions of great interest to discover every corner of the frozen continent

Antarctica Cruise

Hurtigruten Cruises has introduced for the 2013 – 2014season the innovative journey through the icy waters of Antarctica, which will be available from November.

This cruise will take place aboard the marvellous MS Fram ship, which will take the cruisers to meet the most cold white world, besides organizing exciting excursions and activities, such as a route to make snowshoes gliding over the freeze surface freeze or riding the frigid waters of this part of the world with kayak, which will be a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers.

But one of the best activities offered is certainly the “Night Amundsen”, a night where they will take participants to camp outdoor, with special  equipation to withstand the low temperatures, and that also includes the possibility to travel to the Falkland Islands (Malvinas).

One of the activities on the ship is the Antartic `Sky and Ice ‘, which offers the possibility to its travelers to sleep on the deck of the ship, enjoying a sky full of stars.

Moreover, this activity includes hot chocolate, an insulated bag to avoid cold and hot coffee with pastries for having breakfast peacefully at 6 in the morning.

Another activity you can enjoy is a small boat cruise in the Lemaire Channel, located between the Kiev Peninsula and Booth Island on an incredible journey to discover the stunning cruise icebergs, ice blocks and glaciers in one of the most attractive places of all of Antarctica.