Armenia, the perfect getaway in autumn

24 Nov Armenia, the perfect getaway in autumn

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioAfter the sun and beach trips during summer, why not begin the autumn with the beauty of Armenia? This little country, with 3 million inhabitants, is perfect for a short trip. There are some unique and beautiful places to discover where history is the main leit motif. Located between the Kura, Euphrates, Tigris and Araxes rivers, it is a unique and unknown place to discover.

The artistically beauty in Armenia

The beauty of this place does not have to do just with history. You will be able to find jewels from the Hellenistic era till nowadays. It is the case of the Garni Temple, but, if there is a golden age in Armenia, that is the Middle Age. We can start in the 7th century with the Saing-Hprsime Church, located in Vagharchapat-Etchmiadzine.

Another unique landmark you should visit is the Ashtarak Church, also known as Karmravor. Together, you have also to continue to the Zvarnots Church, with he Awan Church completing this tour. Inside the Odzoun one you will find funerary steles that have been sculpted in cubic base, something almost unique in the world.

Interesting places in the Armenian country

If you travel to Armenia you should plan a monastery route that includes the Tatev, Khor Virap and Geghard ones. You will also love the Matenadaran Museums and the Sergei Parajanov ones. Include in your tour the Republic Square and continue to the History Museum.

The same way, you will get impressed by the Saint Hripsime Church, the Amberd Castle, the Aragats mountain or the Zvarnots Cathedral, but include also as a discovery the Hayravank Monastery, the Cafesjian Art Museum, the Karmravo Church and the Erevan Zoo.

These are just some of the main landmarks you should visit during your Armenian trip.

Yerevan, the Armenian capital

Considered World Heritage you will find all it amazing. The city centre will show you the “Great Waterfall”, a unique architectural complex that is a must once in the city. The arab art is part of the soul of the capital so follow it to discover the real jewels.