Baby on board

06 Mar Baby on board

Pluna - TravelgenioActually, leisure and distractions are the main point for kids not to get bored or cry. Anyway, this is not only the most important thing if the journey is with a baby or a child under 5 years old.

Travelgenio wants to give you some tips if you are low cost flying with children.

Better at night: it could be very possitive to opt for this. This way kids may sleep during almost all the journey.

Silent toys: it has to do with other passengers and crew’s calm. Drawings, books, cards and some other games are the best option. In case of older kids, maybe an inteligence or educative board game.

Food: it won’t be a problem to carry a tin with their food in the handbag.

Bulkhead seats: it is difficult to find them in low cost companies. These seats are bigger and more comfortable.

Baby crying: one the aircraft has taken off it is possible to walk through the aisle to console them. Once again, entertainment could be the best solution.

Cot service: this option is not probable for the low cost flights although it should be asked as many airlines are assuming kids needs. Some other companies have the cot service paying for it. For lon-distance flights it could be the best decision.