Baku, the Azerbaijan beaches

16 May Baku, the Azerbaijan beaches

baku-travelgenioThe most populated city in this country, that is located between the Caucasus and the Caspian Seas, is the biggest one in terms of population as it counts with almost 2 million inhabitants.

Would you like to discover this city? Then you will also have a plan in its beaches, one of the most beautiful destinations in this area of the world.

The ancient city and the Baku door

Who would have told you that once you arrive in Baku you will be able to discover the medieval wall? Baku was a vocational destination in the past, during the soviet era, and now it its one of the most interesting holiday centres of the Caspian Sea. The hotels and the many infrastructures for the tourists, there are many places where you can rest as the Shikhow beach, one of the most stunning ones in this geography.

In the historical centre you can enjoy the fountains square as well as the well know Arabian Nights Beach. Visitors can enjoy here the paradise beaches as well as the Baku architecture.

The Baku architecture

The Baku city has an incredible architectural legacy that makes it an interesting destination for those who love cultural places. Although the legacy is really huge, the truth is that, in terms of architecture, there are some places that will leave you speechless. One of them is the Maid Tower, that was built during the 12th century and it is one of the constructions of the Republic era during the soviet period.

You can also take a look to the postmodern architecture of this city, built from the year 2000. Some examples are the Flame Towers and the Oscar Tower.

Islamic Architecture: we must also talk about the Seyid Yahya Bakuvi mausoleum that is situated in the Shirvanshahs Palace. Of course it is one of the main examples, but not the only one. You just have to arrive to the Muhammad Mosque to understand what we are talking about, or even to the Tazapir mosque, another incredible site in the city.

Soviet Architecture: also known as Russian Imperial Architecture, this type of buildings is very typical in Baku. You can find all the main details in the Academically Ballet as well as in the Opera or the Michael Archangel Church. Visitors could also enjoy with many different cultural and leisure offers in Baku.