Benasque Valley in Huesca has been rewarded by its quality as a mountain destination

01 May Benasque Valley in Huesca has been rewarded by its quality as a mountain destination

MTBThe Benasque Valley is located at the South West end in the Pyrenees. It is a usual destination for the ski lovers and all sorts of Winter sports.

And also for those people who want to try their sport abilities in the summer with hiking, climbing, mountaineering and many other sports.

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has awarded the merit badge to emerging destinations to the Benasque Valley because it is one of the main Access points that attract more than 700.000 travelers each year.

The Tourist Association approved for quality tourism

Far from the low cost but with reasonable rates, the Benasque Valley zone combines quality and entertainment and hotel services rates. This organism offers support and participation to the Tourism Direct in Aragón and campaigns to increase the tourism in the province of Huesca. Some initiatives were “Aragón 20” and “Dormir en Aragón”.

This is one of the most beautiful regions in the Pyrenees, and this reward is important to promote the tourism for many sport travelers who want to spend their summer holidays in the mountains or sky in winter. There are many rural hotels and charm villages in the zone.

Why traveling to the Benasque Valley?

The Aneto Peak: It’s a reference to mountaineering enthusiasts. It’s one of the highest peaks in Spain, more of 3000 meters high. Premier mountaineers and climbers are attracted there thoughout the year.

Aigualluts: The Aneto is at the background, and the Ésera River flows in a pristine environment full of waterfalls and greenery
You can go skiing in Aramón-Cerler and also in Llanos del Hospital.

The ribargozina gastronomy is one of the best in the north of Spain: Lamb of the Royal, puff cake, chordone (raspberries of Huesca), …

There are thermal baths: This spa is a claim for those people who are looking for calm in a wonderful environment. The swimming pools are ideal for both summer or winter holidays.