Best beaches in Spain to choose destination

19 Aug Best beaches in Spain to choose destination

Viajes para dos - TravelgenioIn summer, everyone is thinking about sun and beaches to spend the expected holidays.

In Spain there are wonderful places to enjoy the full sun on beaches with a huge offer of accommodation with very good prices and very varied.

Here are some of the best beaches in Spain to go choosing the perfect holiday destination for you and your family and where you can enjoy summer in some spectacular locations where you can also have fun and relax at the seashore and sun.

1 – Calblanque beach in Murcia

In one of the most outstanding protected natural areas of the peninsula, Calblanque Park, in the region of Murcia, is this magnificent and spectacular beach, which has preserved the flavor of virgin beaches in the absence of any building in its environment, making it one of the best beaches in Spain. It offers visitors the warm, clear waters of the Mediterranean and fine white sand that is the delight of those who sunbathe or enjoy the many activities available there. Very close to the beach you can find great price very cheap accommodation.

2 – Roda Beach in Vigo

In the spectacular landscape that offers the Cies Islands in Galicia is the wonderful beach of Roda, described by the British newspaper The Guardian as the best in the world, not only for its spectacular scenery and great marine biodiversity, but because bathing in this beach is a luxury that only 2,000 people can enjoy each day, because access is restricted for ensuring the preservation of such a spectacular setting.

In addition, the city of Vigo, where you’ll have to catch the ferry to the islands, is very close and is a great option for those who desire a journey of relaxation, culture and leisure, as well as excellent cuisine.

3 – Do Vilar beach in La Coruña

One of the most important Galician beaches is do Vilar one. It is part of another much larger beach that spans nearly 4 kilometers of magnificent and beautiful coastline, white sand and spectacular scenery.

This unique area is far from the population, so it is a wild space in an environment full of vegetation, dunes, orchards and forests that provide a dramatic contrast to the visitor.

In La Coruña you can also enjoy an excellent offer of cultural and leisure activities, with a great variety of places where you can taste the finest seafood and other dishes typical of the area, and where you will also find very affordable accommodations.

4 – Bolonia beach at Cadiz

In the Costa de la Luz, near Tarifa, this beach is spectacular for its large protected dune landscape and has 4 kilometers of stunning coastline from which you can watch, on clear days, the coast of Africa.

5 – Playa del Silencio in Asturias

In the north Spanish coast there are nice beaches like the Playa del Silencio in Asturias. This beach is also called Gaviero beach, and it is a very peaceful place, full of greenery, and the perfect place to relax and rest on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea.

A place, Asturias, which always remains to be discovered offers their visitor an ideal temperature and natural landscapes, many leisure and culture activities and also the possibility to try delicious food.

6 – Death Beach in Almería

This beach is hidden in the wonderful Cabo de Gata, in Almeria. It is an idyllic place to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy water sports.

The Cabo de Gata area and also the nearby Mojacar have an amazing offer for accommodation. There you will find the best of  the Andalusian hotel service and  many cultural and leisure offers in one region of the first category.

7 – Mitjana beach in Menorca

Another spectacular beach of Menorca is the Mitjana, a place real similar to the Caribbean beach because of the color of their turquoise water and white sand. It is exceptional for swimming and for staying away from the urban centers of the island.

8 – Medano Beach in Tenerife

In the municipality of Granadilla is located this beach from where you can see perfectly the Teide while taking a dip in its waters or sunbathe on the white sand.

This is one of the largest beaches in Tenerife with calm and shallow waters, ideal for swimming and for enjoying a spectacular area that is very close to natural places like Parque del Teide and other leisure and cultural wonders.