Can you discover the cheapest Island?

26 Jan Can you discover the cheapest Island?

If there is a country that is becoming really interesting for the tourists, that one is Island. The natural beauty and the magical soul it own make this country a unique destination that worth a visit. Although it is not as cheap as you would like. Do you know how to travel to Island and with a non high budget?

Tips to make your trip cheaper

1. Rent a van: it is not a secret that the Campers have become the best ally to make a trip cheaper. You can rent a van in Island for an affordable price and this will help you saving some money as you can prepare your own food.

2. Shop your menu in a supermarket: although you don’t mind spending 70-100 euros in a meal, you can opt for a cheaper way to eat. We do know that eating a whole week sandwiches is not the best plan, but you can also try cooking in the van.

3. The Ring Road: it is a must in this country. Both choosing the east or west way from Rejkiavik, travellers can find interesting places. Just enjoy this trip worth it.

4. Be carefull with the F Roads: these are just apt for the 4×4 so, if you are not travelling with this type of car, forget this itinerary.

5. Blue Lagoon: visiting this lagoon costs about 54€ but it is an incredible view. If you choose, for example the Mytvatn Lake you will save some coins. It depends on you.

Island is a perfect country for all type of travellers. You will find here waterfalls and also icebergs, so if nature is something that moves you, this is the perfect choice.

Of course, you will be able to see the aurora borealis. If this is one of your must, take into account to plan this trip from September to December as this is the season where are more visible.