Canada in the late summer: discovering Ontario

21 Sep Canada in the late summer: discovering Ontario

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioThe Canadian lands have a lot to offer you. Although the budget you should need to arrive here is not popular, the truth is that planning works if you want to arrive to Ontario and discover this city. Summer and late summer is maybe the perfect moment to travel here.

The Ontario treasures, the Great White North

Ontario is the neurological centre of the wild Canada. From here you will be able to arrive to the Niagara Falls, something that seems to be a must once here. Yes, we are talking about some of the top 10 great falls in the world and that have many tourist services surrounding them.

If you visit Ontario you should know that you will always plan an excursion as there are many interesting places to visit really near here and also inside the city. For example, we want to talk about the War Canadian Museum or the Parliament, both in Ottawa. You can also visit Toronto, that is not only the capital of this department but owns some of the main attractions you cannot loose.

During summer and the end of the summer you will enjoy Notario the most. The reason is because during these dates it is celebrated the Stratford Festival that has a lot to do with Shakespeare.

If you want to visit some of the most popular spots in this city, don’t forget to plan the Art Gallery and the Royal Museum. From the Public Administrations an effort has been made to make this experience something unforgettable for tourist. You can also decide to rent a car because you can save some money during your excursions.

How to arrive to Ontario

There are some European cities with direct flights to this Canadian destination, but if not, you can plan your trip making a scale in Seattle, for example. There are many options and connections, so choose the one that suits you.