Charm Villages of Spain: Mojácar

08 May Charm Villages of Spain: Mojácar

Playas y destinos - TravelgenioWe find the beautiful village of Mojácar near Cabo de Gata. We propose two options to hotels: camping or bungalows. Both are ideal for all type of travelers.

What does Mojácar have?

This town in Almería has a coast, first reason why travelers want to visit it. Almería is also a  economical region. What else?

It is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain in the list of the year 2013.
It has many celebrations and feast of interest. San Isidro is celebrated on the 15th of May. Mores and Christians festivity is dated on the 12th of June. The festivity of San Agustin is celebrated in August. And Easter is of special interest.
The coast towns worth.

What you can see and do in Mojácar

There are many places of interest, among them the square of the town, where the market is celebrated every week and it is very attractive for the tourists.

The viewpoints in the city are located in different places of great interest for the tourists, as well as the beaches.

Different accommodation in Mojácar

Camp Ground Central Vacations Mocena is the name of the luxury resort of bungalows where travelers will find like at home. There are the benefits of a four-star accommodation with swimming pool for all the resort, and bungalows, perfect for a group of travelers between four and eight persons.

Camping Cueva Negra is near the beach of the Macenas. It has electricity and water in the plots, which are separated by a green hedge with a lot of space.

How to get to Mojácar

The best way to access to Mojacar is by car. Rent a car in Almería. There are buses to arrive in Almería, but there are not many daily connections. And the bungalows and camping are not near the station in Mojácar.