Cheap flights to Los Angeles for this summer

28 Aug Cheap flights to Los Angeles for this summer

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioLos Angeles is a city with a lot of tourism because it offers many attractions. It is the center of the film studios in Hollywood. Those travelers who have decided to travel to this city during the summer 2014 will find a lot of places to know and the best technology.  It is a wonderful possibility.

Los Angeles, the land of films and beaches

The first question when traveling to Los Angeles is, “Which airlines company shall we choose?” The common answer is “The cheapest one!” First of all, “The cheapest one” does not exist. There are no direct flights from Barcelona or Madrid to Los Angeles. But there are direct flights to New York. American Airlines offers  “cheap” flights from several points in Europe and, considering that we can make a domestic flight to the other coast of the United States, we will find a wonderful opportunity of flying from New York to Los Angeles.

What happens if several days go on between the two flights?
New York and Los Angeles are different, not only for the climate, but also for the rhythm of life.  It is always summer in Los Angeles. This is ideal to go to the beach and practice water sports, visit the film studies in Hollywood and the walk of fame, and try some of the american lifestyle. New York has nothing to do with that. It is noisy and full of skyscrapers everywhere

Accommodation in Los Angeles

The Blue Inn is a classic zone hostel. This accommodation offers rooms with private bathroom. It is located in the boulevard Santa Monica and it includes the breakfast. It has wifi and the valuation from users is good. The rates are quite low compared with those rates offered by other accommodations in this good zone. It is also noteworthy the Roe Bowl Motel, the cheapest accommodation with quality, located in Colorado Boulevard.

The best advice to travelers who are in Los Angeles is to choose one of the two previous options, or choose a hotel in the center of Los Angeles. Travelers can also rent a car for their travel. It is important to know the means of public transport in this city, and in general, in the United States, with the exception of some cities New York, because it has nothing to do with the European transport.