Cruising Paris on New Year’s Eve: What you need to know?

12 Dec Cruising Paris on New Year’s Eve: What you need to know?

VWhether you plan a trip on New Year’s Eve, seeing Paris on a cruise ship is a great way to spend the big day and to see the city’s mesmerizing spots. So why not thinking about ringing in the New Year on a cruise ship in Paris?

Get unique experiences on a cruise ship to greet the New Year

New Year’s Eve cruises have become a popular getaway for people in Paris. In the event you want to spend an extraordinary and unforgettable moment, enjoy New Year festivities in Paris. Welcome New Year in the middle of a river. You can forget about cooking dinner. The truth is that you can consider a cruise that offer a dinner with your beloved one.

There are some cruise lines on the Seine River where you can expect special dinner menus for you. Many of them are affordable that provide complimentary wine and champagne appetizer service. You can meet great entertainment staff.

There are also cruises that feature an exciting an onboard atmosphere, so that you can elaborate decorations and enjoy a romantic musical ambience all along. Most of them offer musical ambiance with a DJ. Therefore, you can party the night away. In other words, kids, teens and adults alike can dance until midnight, even until the morning light, depending on the cruise line you choose.

Do you fancy something a bit more authentic? Why not Paris?

While you rent a night cruise, you have a lot of options. As a matter of fact, almost all of the Parisian cruises include a visit below the glittering Eiffel Tower. Cruising the Seine River is the most relaxing way to explore all the famous attractions in the City of Light.

Go on a ride cruise if you want to uncover a display of the most beautiful monuments and museums in Paris. As a case in point, you can go on a cruise to discover the « Champs Elysées », the « Louvre  Museum», the « Musée d’Orsay », the « Notre Dame Cathedral » and the « Place de la Concord ».

If you need a pick up after enjoying the sights from the river cruise down the Seine River, especially if you need to attend any other events or watch fireworks or something else, you can rent luxury cars as offers. Apart from that, the city itself is filled with superb hotels where you can party to spend New Years Eve 2017.
Considering all the facts, there’s no better way to celebrate the New Year than in Paris.