Discover the seascape of Great Britain

14 Mar Discover the seascape of Great Britain

Pantano - TravelgenioWhen thinking of Great Britain, you are probably not assuming that one can discover some very great and unique lakes here. Some of them are in lonely nature and offer hiking and experience tours through Scottish uplands. Other lakes, in turn, are populated and you can find moderate tourism that invites you to relaxing and lingering.

Particularly nature lovers and people who prefer isolation will enjoy the different seascapes in Great Britain. Due to the relatively mild climate on all of the different islands and regions in the country, you can travel to this place throughout the whole year. Even when it is raining more frequently, and it’s colder in winter months, you can still enjoy the special beauty of this nature and the gruffness of the tide during that period. When sun is shining longer in spring and temperatures are climbing, the whole country around the lakes is showing its green juicy meadows and mountain landscapes.

Due to the large number of different lakes in Great Britain, we have picked out some of the most impressive and beautiful and will present them to you. Perhaps you will find a suiting lake that will be your next trip. You can even make a round trip when having more time to get to know different lakes. In terms of size, the islands are manageable and completely open for tourism, which make travelling easy. But now we will give you some details in regard to the most important seascapes in the United Kingdom.

Lough Neagh is the biggest lake of the British Islands. According to an old Irish legend, the lake was created when Irish giant Finn McCool threw a piece of land against here Scottish opponent. However, he missed his goal; the chuck landed in the Irish Sea and thus Isle of Man emerged.

Lough Erne are two lakes with a length of about 80 km. The lakes are particularly popular among anglers. The houseboat tourism is also very popular here, which is understandable due to its relatively big length. Both lakes together are said to have more than 154 islands, but the information from different sources is widely divergent.

Loch Lomond is the biggest lake in Scotland and lies near Glasgow. Even for cyclists, there is a barely 30 km long road on one side of the shore. On the other side, there is a dense forest area that invites you to hiking