Do you know some of the most fascinating cities in the world?

27 Sep Do you know some of the most fascinating cities in the world?

Marrakech - Turismo y destinos en TravelgenioThis is not just the typical list of the most famous cities in the world like Paris or Rome. We are going to show you 5 different cities that are not the most popular destinations but that you will love. It is a magical option so take notes.

5 of the most beautiful places in the world

1. Damascus

Travelling to Damascus is falling in love with Syria. The beauty of this city is unique, that is why it is also called the jasmine city. Nowadays is known for being the owner of one of the most beautiful and ancient city centres of the world. That is why it is also considered World Heritage. If you love the Beijing architecture of the Forbidden City, the Mozarabe style of this city will let you an unforgettable memories. Talking about the wall, nowadays are still 8 doors open, for example the Bab Sharqi.

2. Marrakech

This city owns one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. But more than that, we are talking about a place full of unique places. It is called the Red city because of the colours of the buildings. Marrakech is a city to also enjoy during the night. For example, the Jamaa el Fna Square. The Mdina and the Mohammed V Avenue are unforgettable.

3. Tromso

This is the northern city in Norway (ok it is not the only one but maybe it is the most famous one and the best connected). You can also discover, about 200 kilometres far from here, the Nordkapp, the most northern place in Europe. This place is perfect both during summer or winter, showing you the Artic Cathedral. You will also know the Botanical Garden of the Artic-Alpine.

4.Kuala Lumpur

Maybe the most known thing in Kuala Lumpur are the historical complex of the Batu Caves, where you can find jewels like the Kartikeya statue. Mosques are typical in this Malayan city and we cannot forget to recommend you a visit to the Masjid Negara or the MAsjid Jamek ones. The same way, temples or the Petronas Towers are tourist attractions in the most visited city in the Asiatic Southeast.


If we know something about the Butan capital is that getting there is a treasure by itself. The Jong architecture is one of the main art expressions in this country. You will discover the emblems of the Dzongs city, we mean the monastery fortresses.