Dusseldorf in a few days

24 Nov Dusseldorf in a few days

This is one of the most visited cities in Germany and many people still don’t know anything about the tradition, architecture or interesting places to visit in it. That is why we recommend you to follow us in this trip, finding the best rated flights to arrive to Düsseldorf.

A weekend to discover Düsseldorf

If you have just searched flights to arrive here you will see there is a huge offer. The reason why Düsseldorf is a really popular destination is because it is one of the main business capitals in Germany. Apart from that, the Carnival in November is also one of the best known ones in the country and in the international tour.

We are going to start our visit in Altstadt, the city centre. Near the Burgplatz, the main Square, you will find the low houses and the narrow streets of the typical Central European capitals. The City Hall or the Rathouse is other of the main visited spots in the city, together with the St. Lambert Basilica. Don’t forget to include in the tour the Market Square where you can taste the typical products.

During the second day, once you have also discovered the historical area, the port is also a must. It is the vanguard part of the city and you will be able to find the modern architecture in its surroundings, in places like the Stadttor or the Frank Gehry building, together also with the Rhone Tower. Take a look to finish this walk to the Colorium and the Roggendorf House.

Shopping in Düsseldorf

As we have pointed before, this is a business centre in Germany and, this is also very close related with the shopping possibilities. If you want to take a look to the fashion or traditional products, you can enjoy just by finding the perfect shop in the city, more or less all of them situated near the Köningsalle. If you need any indication to arrive to this area, you can ask for the Kö!

Here you will find the main and popular brand shops and also the less luxury spaces. It is also famous because of the possibility to walk near the channels and the cruise possibilities you will find here.