Duties and obligations in a low cost flight

20 Feb Duties and obligations in a low cost flight

Low Cost - TravelgenioAs companies have some rights for passengers, there are also some duties that guarantee the optimum work for the airlines, not talking just about behaviour, but also in the administrative functioning and duties with legal consecuences.

Before boarding

Pass all security controls: it is recommended to go to the airport with enough time (about an hour and a half) in order not to loose the flight. All these controls may take more or less 20 minutes.

Luggage excess: in case of getting more than one piece of luggage or just one but heavier than allowed, users must pay as a check in effect.

Documents: if identification documents are note brought or are not in legal order, users won’t be able to pass the security controls or get on board.

Not forbidden materials: this is directly related with the security controls. If something forbidden is carried, it will be confiscated. In case of guns or illegal substances, procesal law will be started.

During the flight

Follow the pilot and crew indications: both will give indications to have a save and comfortable flight and how to proceed in case of emergency.

Switch off the electronics: it is a basic gesture for security, specially during the takeoff and the land. This is because they can interfere the air traffic controllers signs and the communication between pilots and control towers.

After the flight

Luggage collection: it is a civility proof. Making it orderly will only take 10 minutes.

Pass the customs: they may make some registrations on destination. Everything brought should be declared and it is a must to respect and help the personnel.