Essentials in low cost travelers luggage

13 Mar Essentials in low cost travelers luggage

Check-in - TravelgenioFirst of all it must be taken into account that in a low cost company you may carry about 10 kg valise so, a low cost user should know how to pack that and not pay the extra luggage taxes.

There are some essential things you can’t avoid but you may also think on those you can buy when you arrive on destination.

Essentials in a low cost valise

Clothes: the heavier clothes (coats, boats, jeans…) should be worn and only leave the valise with three Tshirts, a jumper, a pair of trousers, some other shoes…

Technology: here it must be chosen the ones that are really going to be used. The smaller the better. Think carefully if you are going to use your laptop or you would only need the Ipad.

Personal hygiene: sometimes we would like to take everything (shampoo, lotions, perfums, driers…) but they could be a problem if we don’t come to term on the measure. We recommend to buy a prepared kit that respect all the stablished measurements.

Fotocopied docs: although you’re going to carry the originals, it would be useful to take also laminated fotocopies just in case the original identifications get lost or stolen.

Neck cushion: for flights over 2 hours it would be useful.

Book: a good option for the flight entertainment.

Not needed items for the travel

Too many entertainment: taking some cards or a book is ok for the journey, but don’t be tempted to carry a lot of books, magazines, games…because this will take a lot of space in the valise.

Think how long is the travel: don’t introduce things in the bag for the “just in case”. Think you can buy the cheaper things when you get to your destination.