Favourite airports for low cost airlines

24 Jul Favourite airports for low cost airlines

Huelga Controladores - Derechos de los pasajeros - TravelgenioThere are some valid airports in Spain because the cost of its terminals is low respecting others. We find cheap services both for tourist and for the airlines companies that can offer cheaper rates. Which airports are the favorite of the low cost companies?

Alicante, fourth airport with bigger demand from low cost companies

Valencian Community is a favorite among low cost companies. Nowadays it has become a reference because the airports in Alicante and Valencia attract more low cost travelers. The airport in Alicante has received around 900.000 passengers up to now this year 2014. There was a ten percent fewer passenger during the year 2013. Sustainable growth is increasing. However, these statistics depend on the coming months and the increase or decrease on low companies rates.

Nevertheless, in the same way that Alicante increased by 10%, Valencia had 1, 14 million fewer passengers, being one of the largest reductions in conjunction with Girona, which also scored a significant drop in what respect these rules. Travelers have found significant increases in low cost although traditional companies continue carrying 9,43 million passengers compared with the 7,5 million of passengers from low cost companies.

Studies about Tourism, international tourism optimistic

General Directorate of Knowledge and Tourism Studies in the Industry Ministry, Energy and Tourism offers annual statistics referring to concrete aspects related with the volume of travelers who are coming in and going out of Spain. In 2013, the international tourism will have reached 7 million of travelers. The national tourism has increased because Easter 2014 has an interesting increase respecting last year.

Navarre Community has attracted a greater increase, as well as the Community of Aragon and the Catalan Community. There are more rural options at the north of Spain, especially in spring and autumn. The increase will take place in the Communities of Andalusia and Valencia during the summer.