Fête de la Musique – the biggest music festival in the world

04 Apr Fête de la Musique – the biggest music festival in the world

VIn 1982, this music festival went on the streets of Paris. With a few power connections, a lot of musical idealism, music and diversity was celebrated for the first time on June 21. Three years later, the concept of the festival has been exported to other countries. Today, it has long since established itself as a global event: In more than 5 continents, 120 countries and 540 cities, you can find all music genres at the „Fête de la Musique“, enforced or acoustically, open air and indoor, in streets or on-stage. And everything for free as artists invite their fans on this day to celebrate the music, the lyrics and the world with them.

Hereinafter, a small selection of 3 cities outside of France arrives in which the visit of „Fête de la Musique“ becomes a very special experience.

Split, Croatia

Since three years, this music festival takes place in Split, the city at the sea that offers a perfect balance of tradition and modernity. In a relaxed atmosphere, you can here dance with fun-loving Croatians to modern sounds and folklore in a lot of bars within the old walls of the city. This and a Slibowitz should definitely not be missed in front of the scenery of the turquoise coloured water of the Adriatic Sea and its coastal mountains.

Berlin, Germany

You should take things or yourself not too serious – this is a trait of Berlin that is being reflected in the mayor’s frequently cited saying “Berlin is poor but sexy”. Here, people just enjoy nothing more than having a good time.
And for this, this city offers the prerequisite for every taste, budget and age group. Small basement clubs, industrial techno temples, chestnut-coated beer gardens, delicious cocktail caves, daring cabarets and symphonies give you an inspiring flair that can be not only discovered after slump of the darkness and at the weekend but all around the clock. This pronounced party culture makes the „Fête de la Musique“ a music-day-night of Berlin kind on which tens of thousand people are participating and which should not be missed.

New York, USA

Since almost nine years, this festival takes place in New York. Different name but same concept, the “Make Music New York” is one of most colourful music festival of the city. In its eighth edition, visitors can still enjoy free hip hop, opera, jazz, rock oder any other kind of music. Not less than thousand concerts are planned throughout the whole city – on sidewalks, in parks, public places, gardens and in traditional cafés and concert halls. Therefore, “Make Music New York” is only interesting for music lovers.