Five lost paradises for adventure lovers with Travelgenio

13 Feb Five lost paradises for adventure lovers with Travelgenio

Islas y destinos exóticos - TravelgenioAmong all lost paradises all over the world, the top is Asia. Why will it be?   It is perhaps because of the ancient traditions, or maybe the lullaby of the ocean and clear waters. Anyway, here you are five places for adventure lovers.

1. Moluccas Islands (Indonesia)

Moluccas Islands are part of the beloved archipelago of elite divers. These islands are located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indic Ocean, and they are known as “Spice Islands”. It is an archipelago with dozen of species of sea flora and fauna. There are large trenches between each of the islands and corals make that diving is a delight in these islands. There are marvelous beaches and volcanos in a tropical atmosphere. Access to these islands should be done right from Australia or from Vietnam with transshipments.

2. Roatán (Honduras)

Roatán is an island located in Honduras, Central America. Diving, surfing or windsurfing in this wonderful island reefs are a delight for adventure lovers. The most interesting way of getting there is to fly to Tegucigalpa and then take a ferry from the coast. Travel to La Ceiba by bus (30 dollars) and take a ferry there for 20 dollars.

3. Sangri La Lo Samballa (Himalaya)

Sangri La doesn’t belong to this world, as it is the Olimpo, the equivalent in the Buddhist tradition. However, many people have located on the map the situation where this mythical territory would be, the beloved Himalaya. Mountaineering enthusiasts know about this territory and the need of being accompanied by a Sherpa to reach to the top. If you want to get fond of the Kapala history and go in search of the lost paradise, you have a whole mountain range to go between Nepal and China.

4. Sri Lanka

When we travel to Sri Lanka we cannot forget about excursions. Sri Lanka is one of the islands with most varied fauna. A safari to watch the characteristic elephants, tigers or monkeys will be more than an experience. It is full of natural parks as the Park of Bundala, the Park of Udawalwe the Horton plains or Shinharaja, considerated as part of the Human Heritage by UNESCO.

5. The Angkor temples ( Camboya )

A millenary city still stands its pagodas and temples for visitors in the outskirts of Siem Riep. The city of Angkor housed one of the most powerful strains in the past, the Jemer Empire. Nowadays there are more than twenty temples to be visited.