Five tips for a flight without a hitch

28 Feb Five tips for a flight without a hitch

Airlines - Cheap Flights - TravelgenioThere are two factor for a good travel: the airline chosen and the reservation in a travel agency of trust like Travelgenio.

Anyway, there are some tips for enjoying a business or leisure travel:

Means of communication: it is really stange to travel nowadays without a mobile, so this tip is enfocated on the Internet. You must be sure you will be able to contact with your people. If you are going to stay in a hotel or hostel, make sure your family and friends have a number to phone in case they need to contact.

Luggage without problems: although it is unusual, there are still people who pack some items not allowed for the countries they travel to. Apart from the shame, it may have legal consecuences. It is a must to check your valise before you travel.

The information power: there are two things every traveler should know. Firstly, the boarding card is necessary and it can be obtained about an hour and a half before the flights takes off. About seven days before, the online check in could be made, but there is also the possibility to issue it in the airport.

Important phone numbers: when we travel to a foreign country, or even to another city, we should take an agenda with the most useful phones we may need in case of problems: embassy, hospitals, travel agency, police…

Things prepared on the destination: although the backpacker figure is very popular, he tries not to have any important loose end. For example, it is important to have the air tickets in order, a reservation for at least two nights and having cash apart from the credit cards.