Five tips to choose the best Low Cost flight

04 Feb Five tips to choose the best Low Cost flight

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Normally users don’t get the information in a correct way, they also neglect the flight search and they try to avoid some travel agency like Travelgenio that are theere to help finding in an easy way the best flights for the travelers.

If you want to reserve a low cost flight you must take into account some recommendations to choose the best without finding any final surprises or paying more than you should pay for a vacation package.

-Consider if fees are included in the price. It is one of the problems of low cost flights for beginners because when they choose for the first time one they may think it is cheap but it can duplicate or triplicate it price because of fees and taxes. We recommend you to find turism proffesionals because their commisions are minimum if we compare it to the security and fiability they have on their prices. In Travelgenio we have a clear system that shows the price in real time and without any surprises.

-To new flight routes. Routes are renewed and you can find new flights waiting to be promoted to the general public. Marketing people know that public prefer the known destinations better than the new ones so they put lower prices at the beginning. Try to use them.

-Inflexibility in restricted voyages could make you save money. Although most travel agencies are welcomed because of their flexibility, it is true that for users sometimes could be profitable the rigidity if we talk about flight dates and cancellations. It is an interesting option for those who want to travel to a concrete destiny in a determinate date and with no risk of cancellation. This is not 100% guaranteed but this flights are cheaper and helpful.

-Early morning, cheaper. There are many online roumors like that on Wendsday or Thrusday are the best days for buying flight tickets. Anyway, the truth is that it will be more profitable to buy them early in the morning through an online travel agency because it is when companies launch their offers. Travel agencies like Travelgenio are constantly searching alternatives for their clients.

-Be careful with the distance to the airport. Many times airlines take low cost clients to airports really far from the city center. That means a high expense to get into the town that may exceed the flight estimation. It is better to get the advise of a travel agent to know the best airport option taking into account our destination.