Flight advices for seniors

20 Mar Flight advices for seniors

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioExperience is gold, in special when traveling. Nowadays there are flight advices in internet elaborated by people in their fifties, and senior people can find small manuals with flight advices with sense for their travels.

Here it is a guide of the best low cost as well as traditional flights, special for you.

Advices for senior people when traveling by plane

1. Choose an adequate airline: When we are young it doesn’t matter if there is little room, or to sleep or not when traveling. But as we grow the discomfort takes its toll. Spending many hours sitting in an uncomfortable seat with little room to move, in an airline without the necessary services is not suitable for our needs. Nowadays low cost airlines offer boarding and preferred seating for a small fee that prevents long waits. There is no seat numbering in low cost airlines, which is also an advantage.

2. Lightweight luggage:  When traveling alone it is advisable to avoid checked baggage because it is a way of avoiding the time to take it again. It is possible to hire professional service to be accompanied to the check-in area, as well as for removing and carrying the luggage.

3. Transport to the airport–hotel–airport: The airlines usually offer transfers, whether they are low cost or traditional. The driver will wait for you at the exit of the airport. In the case of an organized tour group there is usually a collective bus for passengers.

4. Catering service on board: There are a wide range of products at low cost airlines. Although slightly more expensive than on land, the fact is that in the range of hot products there are no observable differences with a menu. So don’t worry about bringing a snack because there are delights for a peaceful trip.

5. Transfers? Never!  A Transfer makes sense when a good hotel has been booked nearby. For all other cases it is advisable that flights for senior people are direct. This is because it is better to avoid many waiting hours with luggage to be moved at a minimum saving. Your peace and security are priceless. And low cost airlines are recommended if you follow previews mentioned advices.