Free tours in Europe: all you need to know

16 May Free tours in Europe: all you need to know

European capitals - TravelgenioOnly a few years ago, a company called Sandemans New Europe began offering free tours in Germany´s capital. It was really successful.

The same company now offers tours in 14 European capitals as populars as London, Paris or Madrid. It is almost enfocated for young people without high budgets.

We do think this is a very interesting option to visit important places and the most atractive monuments saving money in the cities were they work.

Some of the destinations you may choose where you can enjoy these tours are: Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhague, Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Madrid, Prague, Munich or Paris in Europe, but also others like Tel Aviv or Jersusalem.

The tours are mainly in English, although you can also ask them to use Spanish.

Where to find the free tours

There are some centric places where you can find this free tours. Cafes like Starbucks are a good option where you can find out what are these tours about.
In some cafeteria tables there are all type of flyers of cultural activities, where you can also find these tours. Here you can see all the information about them and their schedule, route or even the language offered.

If you’re not able to find any flyer, you can go to the most centrical place at midmorning (between 11 and 12 hours) and you will find them.

If you go to Berlin, you can look for them in Alexanderplatz. In Munich you may go to Merienplatz. There you must look for a group and wait until the guide arrives.

You can ask anyone about them, because as they are really popular, people will help you to find them. If you are shy, don’t worry, look for a guide with a red t-shirt and with a poster with the language they are going to use.

Free but with “the will”

Free doesn’t mean that these tours are completely without any tax for the services offered.

Although nobody is obliged to pay if they don’t want, it is a grateful gesture to give a tip as mainly all the guides are nice people well documentated.

Sometimes, at the beginning of the tour, they inform that the price could be 12€, but you don’t have to pay them if you don’t want to.