Getaway to Tortosa

24 Oct Getaway to Tortosa

Viajar en Tren - TravelgenioIn the south of Catalonia, in Tarragona, you will find the beautiful city of Tortosa, the capital of the area of Low Ebro. Tortosa is one of the most interesting catalonian cities you can visit and it is perfect for a getaway.

Historically, through this town have passed the Romans, Christians and Muslims, leaving their mark on every corner.

Touristic attractions in Tortosa

Tortosa has an architectural, historical and artistical heritage. It has many medieval buildings like the San Juan or Zuda castle, that was rised firstly by the Romans and consolided by the Muslims. There are others from other periods till the 17th century, like the Sitjar or Fuerte Tenazas fortifications.

One of the visits you must do is the St. Mary’s cathedral, located on the ancient Roman Forum and then on the mosque.

Its Jewry was one of the most famous because of the activity it had.

The Reales Colegios de Tortosa are some of the city cultural centers, where visitors can discover all the city renaissance as well as the San Jaime and San Matías, where the Italian influence is remarkable.

There are other wonders far away from the medieval ages, that get to the baroque and even to the Modernism.

Tortosa also has many variety of museums, for example the Tortosa Museum and the Historical Archives. The traditional partys are other of Tortosa’s attractions, with the Reinassance party that are celebrated in july and the Fiestas Mayores during the first week of September.

Tortosa is also surrounded by nature, so visitors can practice many activities such as canyoning, climbing, surfing in the Ebro or the Greenway trails in the Natural Park of Es Ports.