Great trips: Chile as a destination

14 Dec Great trips: Chile as a destination

Chile is one South American country extended from north to south among thousand of kilometres but, although this fact, it can be visited from West to East in just a few hours. That is why we would like to discover some of the main marvels of an unforgettable country.

There are many flights connecting this country with the rest of the world and, one of the main attractions, are the contrast you will be able to enjoy in it.

Some places you need to discover while travelling to Chile

Santiago de Chile: this city is the capital and one of the main destinations once you plan to visit Chile. If you want to enjoy this place and also the magical places it owns you should start planning with a guide some visits like the St. Lucia Hill, the Hill Sanctuary of St. Cristobal or the National Fine Arts Museum.

National Park Torres de Paine: this natural spot will make you love the whole country. Moreover you can enjoy with the deep and blue/green waters located about 880 meters high in its lake. The frozen fields are really popular in this region and also a jewel in terms of biological and geological heritage. There are many paths to enjoy practising hiking.

Pascua Island: Without doubt this is one of the most desired tours once in Chile. You will need a five hour flight to arrive to Hanga Roa and, since there; you will need a tour to arrive to the moais home. Take into account that this place is really protected so, we recommend you to plan it with enough time and guides.

Valparaiso: the Valparaiso city will make you, once more, enjoy this trip because it is impressive. We recommend you to enjoy all and every single step you take into its streets and culture. It will probably make you wonder why you don’t stay here the rest of your life.